Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Classic J-Blog 1

So here is the first of the old J-Blogs, these were written by my friend Phil to make me look like a loser, hence the title of said blog. Have a read, leave a comment. Teenage humour at its finest [Citation Needed]

Hi peers.

Life is like a girls muff. tastes gr8. :P
but i digress, today was gr8, went to toby carvery, fingered 3 lasses (they asked me to look up the word consent in a dictionary but i think they were just being clever shits) then after the carvery we went SHOPPING!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!! i saw this A-mazing dress and i had to have it. you guys are gr8, u shud see it at the prom, thats if mom will let me buy it. its like 300 dollars!:O
we went into boots n all and were looking at jonnies and there was this cock ring thing, looked wierd.
has any 1 played zelda twilight princess. its not as good as ocarina of time, tht game is classic.
oh ye, if u read this blog (dont worry, it is 1 of many to come) then can u leave a comment, even if it is a negative one cos i say a lot of offensive things in this. erm, so .. yea. thats it all.

ciao, jason xx
p.s. if u EVER need a good shagging ... look no further.
im off for a shit now, cya.



  1. Watch out bruv your fingers are going to pickle :p

  2. never played zelda.. can't understand what everyone likes so much about that game ? :D :D

  3. nice pic... did you shoop that yourself?

  4. you sound like a real cool dude... LOL!

  5. It doesnt always taste good (girls muff)..